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Welcome to Love the Saints Ministries! We are Matt and Traci Elliott and our desire for this website is to be a resource of encouragement for those working in church ministry capacities. Having been in various ministry positions ourselves, we know that even Pastors, Youth Pastors, and other Ministry Workers need encouragement along the way. From burnout to facing harsh criticism, the struggle of making family a priority to making your own relationship with the Lord a priority, we know that those in ministry face their own unique challenges. Please check out our articles, written by a variety of experienced authors, as well as our other resources. We hope it is an uplifting experience!
Love the Saints Ministries exists solely to encourage believers serving in ministry in their journey of faith every step of the way. With Love the Saints Ministries (LTSM) we intend to give to others, through Gods guiding hand, the same encouragement we have received. If life has taught us one thing it is that even those that claim to have the strongest faith need a little bit of encouragement sometimes. Our journey has been filled with its ups and downs and we have been encouraged and strengthened by others along the way. 
“Your love has given me much joy and comfort, my brother, for your kindness has often refreshed the hearts of God’s people.” (Philemon 1:7 NLT)
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  1. Letters of Encouragement: Breaking Through in the Ministry
    26 Nov, 2017
    Letters of Encouragement: Breaking Through in the Ministry
    Do you feel that you’ve gotten stuck in your ministry? Feel like you’ve reached the end of your plans, your resources, and your expectations? And yet things refuse to work out the way you want them to? Welcome in the boat. You’re not alone. Let’s go through this together. You and I (along with many other pastors!) are members of the same body – the body of Jesus Christ – that we seriously want to activate, energize and see things happening (1Cor.12:12-27; Eph.4: God’s Role in our Ministry So
  2. Help Your Pastor by Serving in a Church
    15 Oct, 2017
    Help Your Pastor by Serving in a Church
    A few years ago I found myself serving in a church that did things a little bit different than the other churches I had been a part of. Whenever someone desired to join the church, the entire body of believers had an opportunity to ask him questions about his Christian life. Most people didn’t ask anything. Some people asked doctrinal questions. Others asked for clarification about the candidate’s personal testimony of salvation.
  3. Conflict in a Church
    01 Oct, 2017
    Conflict in a Church
    If you’ve been in the ministry very long, you’ve certainly had to deal with conflict in a church. It can be one of the most stressful and worrisome times for even the most experienced pastors. If you’re like me, you have a natural and healthy aversion to confrontation. Yet, our ministry calls for us to confront those who would bring shame on the name of Christ. That’s what Paul had to do. Confrontation is woven throughout his two letters to
  4. Helping your Pastor find Success
    02 Sep, 2017
    Helping your Pastor find Success
    It’s easy to forget that a pastor is human and no different than anyone else. I imagine this is because they represent our perfect Savior. But, the distinction is important. They are human just like you and me and need all the help they can get carrying the heavy and be a trying cross of ministry. Pastors and leaders are expected to help their entire
  5. Breaking through Barriers
    01 Jul, 2017
    Breaking through Barriers
    Although it wasn’t easy for Paul, he did it. It might not be easy for you, but with peace and perseverance, you can do it. Just remember this--breaking through barriers in ministry can be difficult, but it’s not impossible.
  6. The Value of a Missionary Debriefing
    04 Jun, 2017
    The Value of a Missionary Debriefing
    We all know there are many types of people in the world. But in debriefing settings, they very frequently boil down to people who like to talk, and people who don’t. For a long time, I fell into the second category. After all, I grew up on the mission field. I knew how all of this worked and I didn’t see a particular need to talk about feelings. Adapting was just part of life. But my opinion on all types of debriefing has changed completely.
  7. Working through Conflict in a Church
    31 Mar, 2017
    Working through Conflict in a Church
    Conflict in a church is always going to be something we have to work through. God has a plan though and will bless you in your pursuit of peace and love... We must approach God in prayer without ready-made decisions on how we are going to resolve a conflict and/or some way of repaying a wrong.
  8. Peace in Ministry while Starting in Ministry
    05 Mar, 2017
    Peace in Ministry while Starting in Ministry
    This is a common question many people battle with while starting in ministry. Though not exclusively, as some ministers who have been in ministry for a long time occasionally come face to face with this issue, they lack peace in ministry. This kind of dilemma surfaces when you are faced with a difficult decision to make or are anxious
  9. Rest and Work: Abiding in Christ
    10 Feb, 2017
    Rest and Work: Abiding in Christ
    There are times when you are going to feel like you're in a desert in your ministry. It will feel like there is nothing happening and to be honest, you may not like it, but there are also going to be times when you feel as if you're just blossoming with new life and energy. Both are important; both indicate God is working.
  10. The Role of the Pastor's Wife
    15 Dec, 2016
    The Role of the Pastor's Wife
    As a Pastor's Wife, what is my role in encouraging him and his ministry? in our family? Written By: Stephanie Caudle The Role of the Pastor’s Wife Serving as a pastor’s wife can appear to be one of the most exciting roles in the Christian world. You have the opportunity to sit front and center and watch as God’s love and Word is manifested through your husband. While it may look glamorous, as with anything else, every day is not always sunny. Some days your husband gets discouraged;
  11. Reflecting Christmas- The Christmas Bells
    14 Dec, 2017
    Reflecting Christmas- The Christmas Bells
    Bells have always had a special place in my heart as they have often reminded me of the joy the Lord can present us with. Many have said that bells signal the arrival of an event or special occasion. Others have even said that bells are used to ward off evil spirits or to warn of an oncoming attack. They can often be used to gather people together, like in a church. They can be used to help bring the focus of the many to the one, like in a toast.6 For me though, it has
  12. Reflecting Christmas- The Introduction
    08 Dec, 2017
    Reflecting Christmas- The Introduction
    Have you ever heard someone ask the question…. “Where is your Christmas Spirit this year?” I have, many times, and usually, it reminds me of the film, “The Muppets Christmas Carol.” In the last few lines of this film, the narrator says something about Mr. Scrooge that I believe speaks to this question.  It goes something along the lines of... “Scrooge was better than his word… And it was always said of him, that he knew how to keep Christmas well if any man alive possessed the knowledge. May

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