We Support FaithBox

FaithBox is a Christian Ministry that desire's to help others strengthen their faith in God every step of the way, just was we do throught LTSM. With their Devotional and other items delivered inside each 'faithbox' they seek to bring joy to those looking to grow in more in their walk with God. They have also partnered with some great companies that do the world a lot of good. Each month they send out 1,000's of these boxes and each one is meant to help brighten each day.

Each box includes several wonderful items...
 1. Devotional called Everyday Faith that is filled with beautiful prayers, scripture and more
2. Inspired content like special cards that are meant to help your day be more Christ centered
3. Hand picked amazing prodcuts from companies that promote a postive mission.
4. And More...

To top it all off, each box that gets ordered feeds three hungary orphans in need. Feel free to take a look by clicking the photo below.