The LTSM Market

Here you will find  suggestions or recommendations from us about what we think might be worth looking into to help you in your ministry. Every purchase made here will provide LTS Ministries support through their Amazon Affiliate Program.

Why an Amazon aStore?

What are your thoughts?
Unfortunately, these days you simply can't fund a ministry without getting some kind of support finacially. So, insead of asking you to give to our cause, we thought this would be a better way to go. Almost everyone shops on Amazon and we are offering this aStore as a way to help you with your ministry shopping needs & to encourage you in any way we can.

The LTSM Market was created for you, but we also believe it can help fund this ministry so we don't have to ask our readers to give us their hard earned money or blast our website with distracting popup ads. We only get a small commission from Amazon, but we will use every bit of it to make this website the best it can be.

If you have any suggestions for out aStore please fill out the form just to the right of our logo to let us know what you think. We want this to be more about you than it is about us.

Blessings in Chirst, 

Matt & Traci