Matthew J. Elliott
Here you will find links to most of Matthews Articles and to some of the books he has written. His prayer has always been that God would be able to use his passion to bring His King the Glory... You can Also visit Matthew at is Amazon Author Page.
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My desire is to use my to use my experiences to encourage those that are facing their own darkness head on and to be used by Him in a way that only he could imagine. I desire to be a light in that darkness. God's promises are always anew and I pray that what I do will be a reminder to everyone that He is indeed faithful to us all.
Reflecting Christmas
Finding Philemon
Ahavah Writings
Released December 24th, 2015 Reflecting Christmas is a short eBook that reflects upon the meaning of the Christmas symbols as it reminds the reader that Christmas is more than gifts and seasonal encouragement. Christmas is about being a light in the darkness.
Set to be Released Winter 2017, Finding Philemon is a biblical fiction book that follows the life of one named Onesimus as he embarks upon a journey of faith and new life. Expereince the story of philemon from an entirely new  perspective.
Released May 25th, 2015 Ahavah Writings for the Journey is a sereis of letters to the body of Christ, Devotionals and Reflections on what a loving God can and does offer those He cares about. It presents a simple message of encouragement and faithfulness.
Simple Things
Have you ever wondered about growing closer to God? This little eBook is the first in a series about just that, embracing the simple thinbgs in life that help us see just where God is working in our lives.