Wrestling for Your God Given Name
The Update's
The Concept
Although born to this earth with a name that meant “Trickster” and a fitting reputation to follow, Jacob’s God given name was Israel. Join us as we walk you through twelve defining chapters in Jacob’s life. Each one has a message of encouragement for you in your ministry as you witness that struggle and pain is all part of the process of Wrestling for Your God Given Name.
Wrestling for Your God given Name is a project in the works that we hope will be a resource of encouragement for Pastors. Inspired by the Old Testament character Jacob, the writers of this project are creating specific content that will relate to those that are serving in ministry. They are combining the historical aspect of Jacobs’s story with what we can learn from the journey he endured along the way.

Just as Jacob had his ups and downs in life, we too have struggles that we must endure in our own Journeys with God.  Each of us have a God given name that God has set aside for us, for Jacob it was Israel.  For Saul of Tarsus, it was Paul the Apostle. For Simon the fisherman, it was Peter the Rock. The question remains is how do we find that name.

In this little book, Wrestling for your God given Name; Encouragement for the Pastoral Journey, we hope to give you some answers. So Join us as we seek out our God given names and together who knows what we may find.
The Authors

Nate Allen

Matthew J. Elliott

Matthew (M.J. Elliott) lives in Dana Point, CA with his wife, Traci, and their 3 children, number third should arrive in September of 2016. Their Children bring great joy to their lives. He desires more than anything for God to use his experiences to encourage others and for God to shine brightly in the darkness of the world we live in. He is a Christ Follower with a BA in Biblical Studies focused on Pastoral Care and Christian Worship. Matthew has released two books and there are others in the works. Together, with his wife, they recently launched a website ministry they pray will be a small piece of that light. Check it out here www.lovethesaintsministries.com.
I’m not sure how long a biography is supposed to be. Maybe it should encapsulate my life in a few well put statements. Or maybe it should focus on my career as a whole. But, when it comes down to it for me, there is only one reason why I write: to give a hopeless world hope, found only through Jesus Christ. I am a defender of the faith and want to use the talent God has given me to bring Him all the glory. My aim is to strengthen the current body of believers, shine The Light into the darkness of those who are still lost, and represent the Kingdom of God in a bold and fearless way. Too often Christians are portrayed as either hypocritical or foolish. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life and I’m sick and tired of Him being portrayed as a mere man or a myth. I’m setting out to change that.